Discord phishing attempts are getting ridiculous

I am now at the point where I get messages from people I have never met on Discord every day. The platform is a great breeding ground for phishing and scams and the company isn’t really doing anything about it.

I was just messaged by another person wanting me to “test their game”. They always follow the same pattern, asking the same things in order:

  • “Hi”
  • “How are you today?”
  • “Can I ask you a question?”
  • “Will you test my game?”

At that point I either outright block them or tell them off. Once you mention “token” they know that you’re completely aware of the scheme and won’t try any further.

Last week I talked to somebody for around 2 hours and only then I realized that they were trying to get my account. We talked about games, movies and other stuff and then they tried to get me to enter my account credentials on their weird phishing form site. I am absolutely tired of it.

I also use Discord for work and I think I just have to make it clear to everybody not to contact me through Discord anymore, but just through e-mail. It’s such a waste of time for me to try and discern who is a scammer and who isn’t.

I honestly am not a big fan of Discord anymore. The platform has been degrading in quality for years and is ready to be replaced by something else. I wish we could just all return to IRCs honestly.