New in: Super Sonico – White Swimsuit Style (2023)

Another order from Figuya that arrived today. Of course, every figure collection has to have Super Sonico at some point. I reserved this one shortly after the announcement, because when I saw it, I just had to get it.

Unfortunately, I actually had to re-order my shelf quite a bit, since she didn’t fit on the level I had for my figures so far. I ended up moving my PlayStation games up to my Switch games and the figures down. I also moved most of the boxes I still had on the shelf to my closet. I would like to get a class cabinet one day, but I don’t think that is an option in my current apartment.

I have another two figures from Figuya currently in transit and will post about them soon. I’m also still trying to get the Byleth figure from Good Smile Company. It was sent back to them a third time and I sent another request for re-shipment. I hope this time I will actually get it. I’ve already considered asking for a refund, which is something GSC offered, but it already looks like the Byleth figure is shaping up to be quite rare and I really want it.

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