Goodbye, LastPass

(this is not a sponsored article, I wish it was)

I have just officially ditched LastPass for Bitwarden. As a Software Developer I always advocate the use of password managers to everybody and I think with Bitwarden I have found the perfect one.

I originally started with Dashlane in 2016 and then switched to LastPass around 2019, mainly since LastPass allowed me to sync my passwords across devices for free. However, around a year ago LastPass updated their pricing model to force users to pay for device sync as well. Originally, I caved and simply paid for the subscription. I was pretty much happy with LastPass so I thought well, whatever.

Today my LastPass subscription expired and I did not renew it. A friend has told me about Bitwarden a while ago but I never took the time to take a look at it, until I got a reason to just now.

Bitwarden immediately has a great argument with the sheer amount of clients available. Browser extensions, desktop clients, mobile clients, command line interfaces, a web app. Bitwarden is pretty much available anywhere with an internet connection. I downloaded the Windows client, the Chrome extension and the iOS app for my setup.

Bitwarden also has an amazing import tool. After exporting a csv file from LastPass I could simply upload it to Bitwarden and specifically select that the format was coming from LastPass. Bitwarden accepted the file perfectly and I had no hiccups when importing. I remember that my move from Dashlane to LastPass was very complicated since there was no format standardization.

The iOS app also seems very good. It’s compatible with the iOS password autofill, allows me to use Face ID for unlocking and has free autosync.

So far this seems like the perfect password manager and the best thing of all: It does not cost me a cent. Bitwarden is also fully open-source which surprised me.

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