Yoshino Changelog (1.6)

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  • Fixed !music remove
  • Added command categories to !help command
  • Fixed Yoshino crashing when missing permissions for !purge command
  • Fixed !music queue displaying the wrong track length
  • Added !ban command
  • Added !kick command
  • Added !setmodlogchannel
  • Removed status line rotation
  • Added further permission checks to !sar add
  • Added Leveling
  • Added !toggleleveling command
  • Added exp and level bar to !profile command
  • Added patreon badge to !profile command
  • Updated patreon link
  • Added more aliases to !profile command
  • Added !leaderboard command
  • Updated embed color
  • Updated !fortnite command
  • Updated !rocketleague command
  • Updated !chucknorris command
  • Added !bigtext command
  • Added !fakemessage command
  • Added !thighs command
  • Added !hentai command
  • Fixed no error showing if Yoshino has no permissions on !role command
  • Added !poll command


  • Added webinterface to manage servers more easily
  • Fixed some command usages not showing up properly


  • Background changes to increase speed

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