MCSkinHistory Changelog 05/14/2017

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This changelog covers the changes over the past few days (especially 9th April 2017 until 14th May 2017).

New features

  • Added authentication when linking a new Minecraft account
  • Added fresh, new design to the entire website
  • Added ability to toggle whether other accounts should display on the user’s profile
  • Removed trailing slash from URLs
  • Added DigitalOcean ref link
  • Added drop shadow to skins

Bug fixes

  • Fixed user lists showing UUIDs only
  • Improved profile loading speed
  • Fixed account settings sidebar not showing the correct active link
  • Fixed search bar rarely throwing “Invalid thread method” error
  • Improved translations
  • Fixed name info page sometimes not working if the name is available
  • Fixed the first user of a skin/cape always showing UUIDs
  • Fixed skins/capes appearing twice in the “Related Skins” section
  • Fixed mojang capes not properly showing up in lists

Known Bugs

  • Temporarily removed Discord server link
  • Temporarily removed 3D skin preview

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