MCSkinHistory Changelog 01/12/2017

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As I never made big announcements regarding MCSkinHistory updates, I decided to publish them on my blog, so it won’t die again.

This changelog covers the changes over the past days (especially 22nd December 2016 until 12th January 2017).

New features

  • “Related”: The skin and cape pages now show “related” skinfiles. The website is looking for other skins and capes that are used by the same people that use the skinfile you are currently viewing.
  • “Most popular users”: The website now has a leaderboard showing the users with the most views on the website. Click here to view it.
  • “Donate page”: Even though some people might not like it, I’ve integrated a donation page with a PayPal button for those of you who want to support me and the website.
  • “Donator badge”: If you donate and specify your uuid or username in the donation message, you will receive a Donator badge on your MCSkinHistory profile.

Bug fixes

  • “Caching errors”: The popular caching errors that were seen after clicking on profiles from skin/cape info pages should be mostly fixed now. At least they occur less often.
  • “Speed up”: Included with the “Caching erros” bug fix, the website has been sped up and should load way faster now.

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