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The current state of qpost

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Published on Mar 15, 2021

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My name is Zeryther and I am the creator, developer and maintainer of qpost. Similarly to when I gave a final update on the Yoshino Chat Bot , I would like to give an update on the status of this project as well. Rest assured, unlike the Yoshino Chat Bot project, I do not intend to shutdown qpost any time soon.

What is qpost?

qpost is a project I started in 2018 as a simple alternative to Twitter, a social network with less restricting rules than Twitter that anybody could use. Over the years Twitter has become more and more restrictive with its rules and has been making it hard for people to maintain their presence on the platform. Very recently Twitter has started a new wave of bans on people, many of them unjustified. On top of that, reviving a suspended Twitter account is near impossible as getting an actual human to talk to at Twitter is very hard.

So when I heard many people say "I wish somebody would just make a simple alternative to Twitter", thats exactly what I did. qpost launched in August of 2018 and is currently maintained under my company Gigadrive .

Why are there no more updates?

There are multiple reasons for why I stopped developing qpost updates and all of them boil down to the same issue: qpost has had problems growing as a platform and the only way I see this issue getting resolved is a major rebrand.

The name "qpost" currently provides too many issues. A friend suggested it to me in 2018 when I couldn't come up with a good name for the project and I liked it, but I didn't know what came with it.

First of all SEO with this name is a pain. It's as simple as googling "qpost" and the only thing that pops up is the Qatar Post office which shares the same name. This has even gone so far that people negatively review the qpost app on the Google Play Store when they have problems with Qatar Post. I have tried optimization a lot but Google won't rank qpost higher until it grows more, which won't happen because of its ranking (endless cycle).

There is also the problem of the "free-speech" branding which I don't really like anymore. I came up with this idea to convey the idea that people would not get censored on qpost and understand its less restrictive rules compared to Twitter. However this resulted in people seeing qpost as something similar to apps like Gab and Parler which are far-right alternative apps to Twitter. By using this branding I achieved exactly what I wanted to prevent from happening. qpost is not supposed to be an app with any sort of political stance, I want everybody to be able to use this app.

The next problem is that as well as the Qatar Post issue, the name qpost has another meaning and that is QAnon. I'm sure a lot of people have heard of this and the name qpost is similar to their "Q-Posts", which plays right into the unfortunate "free-speech" branding, further supporting the idea of a specific political ideology influencing qpost.

Future Plans

The point I'm trying to make is I want qpost to undergo a major rebranding and basically re-release it under a different name. The problem is simple, I can't come up with one. I have seriously tried for a long time to come up with a good name for an app like this that has no negative meaning and is easy to grow with SEO but I simply can't think of one. This is one of the reasons I decided to make this blog post, hoping somebody else can come up with one.

Additionally I would like to change the way qpost works and make it less of a "Twitter-clone", which means introducing new features and removing others. I would also like to revamp the current Android app and release it on iOS as well.

However all of this is prevented by me simply not being able to come up with a new name, qpost will not be able to grow if I can not overcome this issue which is why I stopped developing updates for qpost and focused on other projects, in hopes I could come up with a new name at some point.

Closing Words

I hope I will be able to overcome this problem and get back to developing this platform further as I do believe it has a future.

I thank everybody who has been supporting the project regardless of these issues and used qpost actively. If you want to join qpost, you can do so here.


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